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Apr 17, 2013

If You Are a Dog Lover and You Want a Laugh!

Dog Wants Kitten - Link to Video

Blogger has really been bugging me. It won't let me change the color of the Blog Title which was great with the last picture I used, but is too light for the picture I changed to to try to balance the look of the top. Seems like they've changed the whole way to get to where I can blog or edit. Now, in this post I tried to emphasize the link with a different color, but it won't show when I view the blog.

Might as well write a little blurb. As each day passes I try to do more and more. I'm having my counter tops sealed on Friday so one task, today, was to clear off the counter tops. At the moment, it looks like I took a step backwards geting the house in order, but by Saturday everything will be back in its place. In preparation for surgery, I had put everything I could think of that I would need at counter top level. I have slowly gotten most of it back. I can reach a little more upward, but still have trouble bending especially if I have to twist at the same time. Baby steps I keep telling myself. I am really starting to feel the benefits of the aqua therapy. I go tomorrow.

I vacuumed a little and straightened up, including a little vacuuming reaching as far under things as I could which wasn't far. I have a small Eureka boss vacuum that I leave out and just do a little at a time so there's no heavy lifting or pushing involved. We're only talking one room anyway, but it's still progress. 

I did such a dumb thing that I should be ashamed to write about it. When I wrote my check to the IRS and mailed it, I started to wonder whether I had written the amount in and whether I signed it. The more I thought about it, the more convinced I became that I hadn't--sort of like when you leave the house and wonder half way down the street whether you left the stove on. Only, it was too late to rectify this. What to do? I called the IRS and they told me to write another check and send it with an explanation of what happened. 

Today, I checked my checking account on line, and they have cashed the two checks. Now, tomorrow I have to call and try to see how fast I can get my money back.  I couldn't believe that the first check was just fine. I've gotten so used to banking online that I rarely write checks any more, and still being a bit cloudy from pain meds was just enough to send me over the edge. Oh, well. If that's the worst I do in life, I'll be fortunate. Just hope I can get it back before the end of the month.

Jack and I are lounging at the moment--well he's snoozing. We usually don't call it a night much before 1 a.m. I don't like blogs without pictures. I'm sure you're all getting tired of seeing Jack, but I never tire of him. I forgot I tried to take a few pictures of the yard, yesterday, but it was raining so I stayed under the roof. I was disappointed this year. I planted 400 daffodils three or four years ago and I don't know what happened. I don't think there were 30 that bloomed this spring. Hope it's just been the warm winter weather confusing them.
Raining so Just got a few of the Azaleas and a little of the Dogwood

The Dogwood Tree. The Spotlight is on our American Flag which has been flown every day and night since 9/11. I don't know how many Flags and spotlights I've had to replace, but there have been many. When I'm away, I leave bulbs with neighbors and the battery operated light in case the electric goes off. 

Jack comfy with Susan last evening

Jack Comfy today

The pictures didn't come out in the order I wanted, but this is the first year the daffodils bloomed. Broke my heart just to see a few this year.


  1. Loved that video. And you can never have too many pictures of Jack. We love him too. So sorry about your daffodils. How frustrating to plant so many and have so few show up for the party. I hate to tell you this but it will probably take about six weeks or so to get your money back. The IRS moves very slowly at returning money. It doesn't like to do that.

  2. I think Jack would be comfy wherever he may lie... HAhaaaa... whatta dog.

    love the daffodils and oh, the Dogwood! what a beautiful yard, Nancy. I do hope to get mine beautiful...

    and the two checks... I'm not laughing. can't make me. a little snicker but not a guffaw...

    be interesting to see how quickly they refund. I do mine directly with the bank ~ pay them by electronic check...

    I can't trust me to lock m'car! I bet you there isn't a time ... I leave Homer and don't come back close enough to click the remote to see if I did lock it.

    and I don't take meds! glad your back is behaving.

  3. Did you go to Blogger dashboard, layout, customize? That is where you can change any colors on any part of your blog.

  4. Hi, Jim and Sandie, I just watched the video, again, and it just cracks me up. Doesn't take much to amuse my mind. Reminds me of Jack when I talk to him. Not in recent months, but if we had rain for a few days, I'd take him shopping in so the people who work there know him. They called him the shop lifter. He'd go to each bin and look at the toys and pick one up and I'd say, "That's shoplifting, that's not yours." and he'd put back, and go on to the next bin. Anyway, it entertains him and he knows how to tell me anything he wants. We're getting to be like an old married couple. :) When he wants to go in the back yard, he goes to the side door (which is right next to me) and makes a certain sound. Makes a different sound for a sweet potato chip, etc. I'd better stop bragging on him.

    Yeah, I'm afraid it'll take a while to get my check back. Maybe I'll just try to look at it as forced savings. Feel so darn stupid about it. Carolyn, I didn't know I could do it at the bank; usually I don't have to pay. My accountant sent me an envelope to mail it in. I discovered a leak in my roof--I hope I don't need a new one. Maybe my mistake will help pay for that if they keep it until I need it. And, you're not allowed to snicker at me, Carolyn! I didn't plant the daffodils myself...when the sewer line broke and then the water line, the had to dig up the whole yard so I had the company who cuts my lawn plant them. I gave the back yard to the pups years ago--it's like a jungle. I don't even look out there if I can help it.

    Paul and Marsha, I used to just be able to go up to the top of the blog and get in that way under design. I did find my way to Blogger dashboard, layout, customize, but it will not change the color of the title. Ornery thing!

    Thanks for stopping by, guys.

  5. Never enough pictures of Jack. I sure hope moles or something else hasn't gotten your daffodils. The ones that came up look very pretty. Why is it that as we get older we trust ourselves less and less. Too bad you didn't wait and look on line to see if they cancelled it. One time we forgot to sign our and they sent it back and we sent them another with no penalty. Afraid it takes them MUCH longer to send money back than to cash your check. IF they can figure out that you paid twice. LOL Gotta love em'

    1. Oh, you're sweet, Sherry. Thank you. I would have waited, but I was late turning it in so I would have been late with the payment. I'm at their mercy, but as Russ says I'll be glad that it happened next year! :)

  6. I'm with everybody else, love seeing pictures of Jack! You can put up all of those pictures that you can, and I'll still want more!! Thanks for the link to the funny video. There are some really good ones out. Well, look at your IRS situation like, you will most likely get a refund next year...even if it is your own money coming back to you. (That's what refunds usually are anyway, aren't they?) Hopefully those daffys will show up. They really look great in your yard. Glad to hear that the aqua therapy is working for you, that's good news. You continue to take good care of yourself, and Jack will be happy!

  7. Ah, Russ, no wonder Donna loves you. You're such a kind and caring person. I'm going to take your advice about the IRS situation; you turned my lemons into lemonade!" I just got back from therapy and I'm feeling stronger each day. I've got ice on my back, now, to keep the swelling down. Funny there are people that are there every time I go, and their therapists have to beg them to do anything. I'll do whatever it takes, no matter how it hurts, to beat this back and be able to take Jack on one more trip.

    Speaking of Jack, I can't tell ALL OF YOU how kind you've been about my Jack. He's just such a good dog I can't help talking about him--I'd love him no matter what, but I was blessed with two one of a kind wonderful pups to see me through my darkest hours, and I will never be able to thank them enough. I want to see him swim, again. He's 11 years old, now, and since he was sick in 2011, he's not allowed to play ball, and oh how he loved his ball. We always had a session of ball playing after our walks, but I couldn't throw it as high as Rich. Rich started him as a young pup and he would crouch down to keep his eye on a really high fly ball and he could catch it. He would literally do a flip, sometimes, and come up with the ball. He was amazing. I remember once we were camped at Alpen Rose in Durango and Rich had him in the field, throwing him the really high balls. We turned around and RVs that were leaving were lined up watching him. He really used to draw crowds. Well, okay, I'm pressing my luck, here, but I did want to thank you for loving my Jack and not minding me posting his pictures.

    Have a great day, everyone.

  8. Nancy I love seeing pictures of Jack and "hearing" you talk about him. I know exactly what you mean when you say he has a different bark for different things. I could tell what Rusty wanted from the sound of his bark...and sometimes just from the way he looked at me. I know some people would think I am crazy but I swear he would project his thoughts to me. He could just sit and stare at me and I would finally realize what he wanted. I miss him so much.

    1. Donna, my heart broke for you when you lost Rusty. I could tell by the way you spoke of him that you had a special bond. I love all dogs, but there are some humans and dogs that just "click". I KNOW some people think I'm crazy with Jack, but they haven't been with me through thick and thin. I am so happy I decided to take him on that trip in 2010 to thank him for his companionship, and to help us both with our grief after losing Rich, and then Lizzie-sweetest pup that ever lived--he was crazy about her. I know you miss Rusty the way we miss Lizzie. They are what I call "once in a lifetime dogs".

      Thanks, again, for understanding my feelings. I sure hope we do get to meet one day. :)

  9. On the color Title thing. Like Paul and Marsha said, only once you get click on 'Customize', click on the "Advanced" settings and you should see all of the options for changing colors everywhere on your blog.

    1. Hi, Rick. I sent you an email. I'm almost sure I've done everything right. Can't change it through the advanced settings. You're probably going to make me eat my words! ;-)

    2. Hi....I never received an email from you, sorry!

    3. Hi, Rick, I realize what happened. I received an email saying that you had left a message and I responded to that message, and of course it didn't go to you, it went to no reply-comment blogger. I didn't want to put my passwords, etc., on my blog for obvious reasons. I don't want you to spend any more time--you've helped me enough; however, if you're curious and *want* to trouble shoot just to put it in your bag of tricks, email me at . I'm convinced that blogger is moving things around and disabling things as they are working on whatever they are working on. I now have to take a different "route" to advanced settings, but no matter what I do, it will not change the color of the title. I just wanted it to show up better on the new picture which balances the top of the blog a little better. Thanks, as always for your help.

  10. You are doing so well and just doing a little at a time is wise and it helps regain your strength. Good to hear the water therapy is working so well. Your flowers look so lovely.
    I love azaleas and I have mine it the car to go TOMORROW! I brought it home over the winter so it wouldn't freeze and almost lost it to a freeze here. But she is looking great and ready for the cooler temps in the mountains.
    Keep up the good work.


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