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Apr 23, 2013

Kudos and Big Thank You to Rick!

Well, thank goodness for Rick. You'll notice how much nicer my title is thanks to Rick's help. 


  1. He definitely is a sanity saver for lots of us.

  2. We are truly fortunate that Rick is available and willing to help in time of technical challenges. Thanks Rick, you are a most considerate and knowledgeable guy!

  3. I sure wish my hair was the same color (brown) as the guy above instead of grey!!

  4. My hair is WHITE! My grand kids want to die it in rainbow colors at the next get together. Think that will happen? They keep me laughing.

  5. Jack looks great no matter how his title looks. Rick is a good one for helping folks out. Nice to have him as a go to guy since he knows everything - I swear it is true.

  6. That is really nice of Rick. The saying what are friends for but to help each other. And the same goes for out blogger buddies.

    so the kids want to make your hair like a rainbow? hahaha Grand kids are a hoot aren't they. But I must confess that's why I color my hair so they leave me alone about looking old. I just keep it my natural color.


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