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Mar 16, 2013

Why, a Child?

Mary, my little grand niece, is having a very difficult time. Complications are making her suffering worse than any child should have to suffer. This miserable disease has stolen her childhood. Please take a moment to watch these kids on the link below, and please rsend positive thoughts. My great nephew, Xavior, is going to shave his head in support for her and to help raise funds for children with cancer. He's just a little guy who loves his cousin. 

Hero of the Day!

And, my niece Jenny, pictured with her girls is a nurse at Good Samaritan's giving her heart and soul to help other people and their children, too. She's the Operating Room Nurse in scrubs saying she wants "her" patients to be in good hands.

I can't describe how brave this family is. I'm not skilled enough as a writer to tell you how cancer affects not only the child who has it, but how it ravages havoc in every part of the lives of all the family members. The Mother whose mixed blessing is to be a nurse so she knows more than most parent would know. The Dad, who's little girl he "can't make all better". The little Sister who is too young to be worrying about her sister, and knows about things no little girl should know. My sister and her husband, the Grandparents, who grieve not only for their little granddaughter, but for their "little girl". They can't pay their way out of this, they can't hope or pray their way out of it; they can only watch a precious little girl's childhood slip away.

I guess I hope by writing this that people will think of places like St. Judes or the cancer charity of their choice. If everyone in this country gave $1, maybe they could find a cure. I can't believe that we had enough money to send people to the moon, but we still can't cure this horrible disease.


  1. Life is so hard especially when it's a child who is sick and there really isn't anything you can do to make it better. Sending prayers and hugs to all of you.

  2. Feeling so concerned for you little grand niece. My thoughts and prayers are with her and all the family. So hard...

  3. It is so difficult to understand a child's suffering. I will keep Mary in my prayers. What a sweetheart she is.

  4. Thank you, everyone. If positive thoughts can help her, you have done your part.

  5. so sorry to hear about your 'sweet little Mary' can only ask why?
    and this sure does put things in perspective.

  6. The hardest thing for me to understand on this earth is why children must suffer. My oldest daughter had a friend she was 13 that was diagnosed with Leukemia. We used to go visit her in the hospital, and saw so many very sick children. Her friend went through so much suffering, it was horrible. I am so sorry to hear about your little Mary, may God comfort her in only the ways He can.

  7. Your little Mary is in my thoughts. It is so hard to understand why a child must suffer. It brings many things into question. It is very hard not to shake one's fist in anger and dispair. How amazingly brave they are.

  8. This makes me just cry. These kids should not have to go through this kind of pain. But then you see how strong they are. I will keep her in my deepest thoughts.

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    1. Such a helpless situation ... so frustrating ~ why little ones so innocent and their whole lives ahead of them. Unbearable to be a parent or loved one to just witness this heartbreak.

      You bet ... each and every time I start feeling the need to throw a pity party ... I am reminded of how grateful I am.

      St. Judes is in Memphis ... it's a huge place and I feel ... I don't know what it is ... but each time I've driven by there (I'm in Little Rock) and Memphis is a hop skip east ... I just feel a heart tug.

      Little Rock has a stellar burn unit here. Arkansas Children's Hospital and the work they do there is just remarkable. kudos to your niece, Jenny and great nephew Xavior ...


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