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Aug 6, 2012

Welcome Laura and Ron and Happy Birthday, Jack

We had a very busy weekend. Laura, the love of Michael's (my son) life flew in to spend time with him and his daughters (Keely and Peyton). First, they went to their cabin for two days, then spent time with the girls taking them to a very nice dinner, and then they all came here for the weekend. Laura and Peyton had a wonderful time baking for Susan's party while Keely and I hung out, together. Laura had sent ahead some pre-measured Barefoot Contessa recipes to take to Susan's party. They were delicious. John and Lisa and their daughters, Amanda and Missy, had not yet met Laura so it was time! Amanda, even drove down from Nashville. Everyone was here except for one granddaughter, Kellie, who had to work. We all missed her.
Michael and Laura
Cupcakes half decorated
Susan's Cupcake Holder
Peyton and Laura--think the icing was good?
Unfortunately, the pictures I took with the exception of a few, did not turn out well. I don't think this new camera does well in low light or I had the settings wrong. At any rate it was a big disappointment. They are grainy, and I don't think they will post well, but at least I have a "record" of the happy weekend we had. I also had strict instructions, from Susan, not to post a picture of Ron. :( I forgot to ask whether she meant on Facebook or somewhere else. I think I'll assume it was Facebook. :)
Even had the other pictures turned out well, Keely (on the right) was not cooperating.
Lisa and John (Michael clowning around)
Ron and Susan
We had so much fun playing games, especially charades. It was the "older" people against the young ones. To our surprise the youngest of our Grandchildren got "The Maltese Falcon". Who wudda thunk? I'm not sure of the score, but the young ones kept right up with the old ones!

The granddaughters have decided that they want to dye my hair. I talked them out of it, yesterday, but they are determined that they will do it at Thanksgiving. At least they gave up on the idea of mod colors (blue, red, pink, green) and are considering a normal color. I think I'll keep the white, thank you. Maybe I'll let them do a rinse so I can wash it out. I've over fussing with hair or anything else for that matter!

We also had something else to celebrate. Missy, who graduated with honors from UGA will be going to Duke or another school (she hasn't decided, yet) on a grant. They will pay her to go to school to get her Doctorate. How about that! We are all very proud of her.
Missy, our Scholar
I didn't realize it, but Susan was also combining the welcome/meet and greet party with a birthday party for Jack He will be eleven on the 8th. She was determined that he wear a hat (which he did not want to do).
Quit kissing me, Susie!
I DON'T want to wear a hat!
Okay, you got your way, but I'm not looking. (Keely took this picture with her phone)
Well, okay, for a bone I'll wear it.
Susan always goes above and beyond with get togethers--she even had little tiny decorations with Jack's name on the table, and a cake, flowers, and balloons. Her house is always so pretty. Another missed picture. I'll sneak this in here. She just had a new garage door installed, today, and will paint it the same color as the trim. Won't it be pretty?
Hard to believe he's 11--he was just a pup the other day!
Doors to be painted the darker color of the trim--same as the old garage doors below

We were sad to see Laura go home, but we look forward to seeing her, soon, again. The grandkids had so much fun they want to have a party at least once a month!! :)


  1. Thanks for sharing...and Happy Birthday, Jack! (Nice hat, by the way.)

  2. Thanks, Russ. I'm just starting, now, trying to catch up reading blogs. Boy, miss a couple of days and I have a book!!!

  3. You all seemed to have so much fun together. Just that should be a good excuse to have
    a party every month. I know it is still a few days away but HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK. Fred
    wants to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO! WOOF WOOF

    1. Thanks, JoJo. I'm fortunate to have good kids and grandkids--they all enjoy each other's company and they are as much fun as a barrel of monkeys when they all get together. Thanks for stopping.

  4. Hey sexy Jack - Scooter and Skittlez woof Happy Birthday. By the way, did you realize you and I (Scooter) are almost the same age. Just saying.

    And it sure sounds like your humans had a really great time. So nice of you to provide them an excuse to party.

  5. But, but, and Scooter look so young!! Tell the two little guys I said "woof" back. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. what a great family party..happy birthday to all, even Jack, the most houndsome 11 year old pooch!!

  7. I don't like to brag, but he is handsome, isn't he? Thanks, I do have great kids--I'm very fortunate. Thanks for stopping by Sue and Doug.

  8. Happy Birthday Jack two days ahead! You look very spiffy in your birthday hat and don't look a bit your age!
    That looks like a nice group of folks having a great time at your party. Nancy is lucky to have you all and I can see she thinks so too.

    1. Thanks for stopping in, Sherry. We had a really nice time.

  9. Nothing like some good family food and fun! And yes, Happy Birthday Jack!

  10. Great looking family and cupcakes too!

    Happy Birthday Jack - you sure have some wonderful family to help you celebrate.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Sharon and Ron

    1. Sure glad to hear that you have a lot to celebrate, Sharon and Ron. Bet you're still on cloud 9. Thanks for your wishes for Jack.


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