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Aug 9, 2012

Asheville Tomorrow and I Gave Myself a Surprise!

Susan and I are leaving between 9 and 10 a.m. and taking a ride up to Asheville. I'm really looking forward to getting out of the suburbs. I'm not taking the trailer. I found a dog-friendly Days Inn right in the middle of town so we'll be convenient to everything. There's been a break in the weather, so I expect that we'll have even nicer weather up there. Susan may decide to go to the Biltmore or shopping. If that's the case, I can tool around in the truck and discover some back roads.

Now for the surprise. I decided sort of on the spur of the moment, although my kids have been telling me forever to get rid of my old TV, to buy a 46" LED flat screen. If I weren't going away this weekend, it would have been delivered and set up by Monday. The TV I have now is in a lovely cherry armoire that I'm hoping someone I know would like to have. None of my kids or grandkids want it. I'm hoping someone will speak up if they want it. It's in just about perfect condition. If not, I'll have to see if the delivery/set up people from BrandSmart will be willing to put it off to the side for me and I'll call a consignment shop or if one of them want it, I'll give it to him. They are going to take the old TV away--it's so awfully heavy. I hate for it to go to people I don't know, but I have no place for it in my house. It would make a great storage cabinet for crafts if someone added shelves to the top where the TV sits. I've asked family and I'm waiting to see if anyone wants it. I know they've sort of become passe' since the flat screens arrived. If you know me and are in Atlanta and want it, let me know. Here are a couple of pictures.

I could have cleared the top of the TV off before the picture.


  1. That is a beautiful piece of furniture. Wouldn't fit in my RV but if I had a house, I'd take it. You are so going to love your flat screen. You guys have a great time in Asheville.

  2. Ah, thank you, Sandie. It is a nice piece which is why I wanted to give it to someone I know.

  3. Going, going, gone! Amelia, my eldest son's and wife's niece, and my good friend's granddaughter first to respond. It doesn't get any better than that! Glad a nice young couple that I know will get to use it. :)

  4. You are so generous. Glad you are pleased with the cabinet's new home. So glad you are going to Ashville. Looking forward to hearing about how much fun you have! Give Jack a hug from me!!

  5. We have so many young marrieds in the family that I thought surely one of them could use it. I'd rather see them get some use out of it. Jack says thank you for the hug!

  6. have fun in Asheville!..nice to see that the cabinet has a new home! is indeed a lovely piece of furniture!

  7. Glad your cabinet found a good home with family. Looks like a lovely piece. You will certainly enjoy your new TV.

  8. that sure is a beautiful piece. When I bought my flat screen it didn't fit the cabinet I had
    either and it was sooo heavey. Nobody could use it so my grandson had to take it all apart to
    get it out of the house. How sad.

    Enjoy your adventure.


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