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Aug 10, 2012

Asheville - Used Towels

Jack knew something was up as I brought his water cooler and food out to the truck so he was a happy boy. Pacing up and down hardly able to contain himself. Susan arrived and walked him while I finished getting everything in, so he settled right down to sleep and slept through the whole ride. We were on the road about 9:30 this morning, missing the commute traffic. There's no sense trying to get out of Atlanta before then because of Traffic. The ride up to Asheville was very pretty and took us about 3-1/2 hours. We passed through Clayton and Franklin--I had forgotten just how nice that area is, and I was surprised by the many choices in campgrounds. They are closer to Highlands, a town I really like.

It's not always "Like Mother Like Daughter". Susan is, without a doubt, a city gal. I either forgot that the traffic is awful in the city, itself, and lots of one way streets OR it's grown that much since I was last here. It's a pretty city, but crowded. I sat in the truck with Jack and read while Susan visited a few stores so I didn't see too much. Tomorrow, I'd like to explore more of the outskirts of Asheville and head to Dillsboro and Sylva, but we'll see. I want Susan to enjoy her weekend, as well. I didn't take many pictures--hopefully more, tomorrow.
The Thomas Wolfe House Surrounded by buildings and parking lots
Flowering Trees across from the Thomas Wolfe House


Unusual Chairs in lieu of benches--nice touch

Just a snapshot that I could take while parked waiting for Susan (She brought back fudge!)

We took a ride and saw where the better half lives in the exclusive "Town of Biltmore".  There were some beautiful and charming homes in this area. Because they were private homes, I only took a quick shot of one while at a stop sign and it isn't very good.
Unfortunately, I couldn't capture the real charm

My passenger. :)
We left Jack in the motel while we went for dinner at a nearby Outback. We had a good laugh because I thought the waitress asked me if I wanted my pork chop cooked--she actually asked "how".

Now, I'm going to make your day and make you all happy that you have RVs and sleep in your own beds and use your own towels. When we arrived and put our things in the room, I checked the bathroom and was not impressed. Keep in mind that this room is $125 per night (not counting taxes, yet). The towels weren't neat on the towel racks so I went over to have a closer look and they were wet, and obviously used! I called the office and the guy said, "Oh, we were at capacity last night so we didn't have any fresh towels available when your room was cleaned, but I'll have some brought down right away."

I told him we would be out, but I'd appreciate not only new towels, but since there were two of us it would be nice to have two bath towels since we didn't care to share. I also suggested that he might want to invest in some additional towels so he would have enough clean ones for new guests after a night at full capacity. Had we arrived later in the day, the towels might have been dry, and we may not have noticed that they weren't fresh until getting out of the shower. Oh, Yuck!!!

When we returned we dropped Jack off in the room and I checked the bathroom, again. Used towels. We decided to go on to dinner and stop in the office on the way back. Again, we were told they'd bring them right over. Shortly, there was a knock on the door and there were two bath towels, one hand towel, and a wash rag. I called again and asked if each of us could have our own wash cloths. In the meantime, I'm thinking, do we want to lie on the bed (Jack, doesn't. He's on the floor). Maybe I'll join him. No problem for Susan, she's already asleep!

I had asked Susan to bring a couple of sheets from home because I don't like motels, but she forgot. Oh, well, bed bugs (and whatever) here we come!

After much ado about towels, I see this card on the bedside table.
Can you believe this!!!

Have they taken this one step further and make the towels last through several days of guests? I'm afraid Jack will catch something in this room. You can bet all the towels are going on the floor in the morning along with the ones from who ever showered in here this morning.

Now aren't you glad when you travel you don't stop in motels???
Hopefully, a more interesting post, tomorrow. Hope to see some pretty scenery.


  1. Yuck!! I would be complaining to a higher up manager if I were you. What are they thinking? Or not as the case may be. Jack's happy because he's moving and with you. He won't care if the towels are dry or not. Have a great week-end.

  2. I'm all for the idea that towels and sheets don't have to be changed every day if THE SAME GUEST is staying multiple days. I don't change my towels and sheets every day. But not changing them between guests..........really YUCK. I'm pretty sure after seeing the towels I would have told them I wanted someone to change the sheets on the beds whether they said they'd been changed or not. And FOR SURE I'd ask to speak to the manager about this and if the guy you talked to is the manager I'd ask to whom I could report my disgust with this situation. UGGGG!!

  3. Since I've already paid, I can't cancel. I do plan to take this to the headquarters of Day's Inn. I don't want to cause trouble while we are here because when we go roving tomorrow I don't want anyone in our room. I checked the sheets and they had just been pressed; there was no evidence that anyone had slept on them We removed the covers as I'm sure they don't wash them. Most hotels have eliminated the yukky shag carpeting and the bedspreads. I'm glad about that.

    Both guys at the front desk swore that they washed the towels between guests--said they just hadn't had a chance to get fresh towels in there. And, they thought they convinced me by saying that the old towels were left by the housekeeper to remind her that she needed to put new ones in. I suggested a better reminder would be NO towels. I'll get them, in the end. I'm not going to let it ruin our weekend, but it does say a lot about owning an RV when traveling, doesn't it?

  4. good luck at the hotel..I am all for travelling with an least you know the towels, sheets and bathroom is clean..have a lovely weekend vote would be to do up a written complaint once you leave..squeaky wheel gets the grease! may even get some of your $$ back?

  5. I think the sign of recyling and saving is a great thing, you know darn well the towels will only be used for you. I get furious in hotels that take the towels that we have just showered in and refresh them. But I'm into saving the planet one step at a time for our childen,. A bit of the nasty..... is this why the States wants Canada's water, just to waste on towels that they can't use twice?

    1. I was pointing out the irony of the recycling sign, if you'll note, and obviously wasted my attempted humor on you by asking whether maybe they have taken the recycling one step further and decide that several different paying guests can use the same towels. Seems it went over your head. I have no problem using my own towels two or three times, but I don't want to use yours. That may make my point clearer.

      The best way to prevent them from refreshing your towels is to put a do not disturb sign on your door. Since most of the help doesn't appear to speak English in many of the motels, that would be a surefire way that you could use your own towels, again. And, we can all make our own beds, I guess, even with the outrageous service charges imposed by many motel chains.

      I wasn't sure just what point you were trying to make with your last remark, so out of curiosity I did google it for the heck of it. Interesting, but this isn't a political blog so I still choose not to respond.

  6. How disgusting is that! Those towels should not have been left in the room to remind the maid?
    Oh really? That was a nasty thing to find. I bet the bathroom was not cleaned at all.
    Enjoy your trip and take care of the nasty part later like you stated.


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