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Apr 16, 2012

To Karen

Karen, what a sweet comment. I saved my blog after our trip out west, but I can't figure out how to save it, again. Once I do that I'm going to research an alternative to Blogger. I chose what I thought would be the easiest and I'm a little leery of trying to switch over without a back up. I've never heard of The Travel Journal before so I'll do some research.

Yes, Jack is a much better writer than I am. Unfortunately, since my back is bad and we don't go very many places, he says he doesn't have much to write about. We are going to take a trip to SC in May and then come home to pick up his sister, Susan, to go over to the coast for two weeks. I can sit down in between doing things to hitch up the trailer. It doesn't bother me to drive the car so we can enjoy the scenery on our ride. He will write about that adventure in the blog, but he said he doesn't want to bore everyone just for the sake of writing, but he'll try to come up with something.

I love Mr. Nimble, too. He's the best companion and friend that anyone could ask for. We have been through a lot, together, as you might know if you read back through our trip west, and then his illness when we returned home. Jack IS cute, isn't he. I just told him what you said, and he said, "Pssshhhawww" and blushed because he's embarrassed. He wants to know if he's ever met you, Karen. If not he'd like to. He's such a flirt. Thank you, again, for stopping by to write such a nice comment. I think I'll make this a post to make sure you see it! So many people don't go back to follow up on comments.

This is where I usually sit-on the couch with Nancy. I have four beds that I can go to because Nancy thinks I like a change of scenery. (rolling eyes) I do, sometimes. I like to get away from the TV. See that window? I wait there while my sister, Susie, is running because I know I usually get to go to the nature center when she gets back. Nancy used to take me every day, but she can't walk very far, any more. The doctor is going to fix her in June, maybe. She does take me on a shorter walk several times a day, and I get to see my best friend (besides Nancy and Susie) when I pass his house. I wait in front of his house to see if he is home--sometimes I get lucky and he's mowing the lawn or in his garage. He always stops what he's doing to talk to me and pet me, and he calls me "the best dog that ever lived". Imagine that! Once, I told Nancy I was going to wait on his stoop for him to come home, and I went and sat down. Nancy said we had to go, though, and that we would see my friend another day.

This pretty much describes our life these days...booorrrriiinnngggg!

I try to cheer Nancy up by being silly. I lay upside down and look like a wild dog! It always makes her laugh. Especially when I make funny noises. She's easy to amuse.
Thank you, again, Karen. I'll try to think of some things to write about just for you. :)

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  1. Yup, mystery solved. LOL Probably my own doing! Now, the colors of the titles of my posts has changed. I'm really getting irritated with it. I think I'm going to take a look at WordPress and The Travel Journal that Karen mentioned.


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