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Apr 26, 2012

A Song is a Dream to Us

I'm sitting here blubbering all over myself. I just watched my little grand niece in a production put on by the children with cancer who are treated at Winthrop Hospital in New York. I can see it on Facebook, but I can't find it on the web. I'm sure that before long, it will be posted, here. In the meantime, I'm going to see if I can make a Facebook page with just this video on it. All the children are so wonderful. When I can post the video, my beautiful little grand niece, Mary, is the second child to sing. She's wearing a purple bandana during part of the video and a grey t-shirt in another. The song is "A Song is a Dream to Us". Incredible how brave and resilient these children are. Mary has another 1-1/2 to 2 years of maintenance which is no picnic, but thanks to her parents who adore her and stop at nothing for her treatment, she's a little trooper. I'm going to see if there's a link other than on Facebook so everyone can watch--so touching. As I've heard from my blogger friends, these centers are incredible. You can take a look here for last year's production, but I really want everyone to see little Mary.
Children with Cancer-Brave, Mighty, and Beautiful Souls


  1. Be sure to post a link to the Facebook page if you get it up. You made it sound incredible. Would love to see it.

    Also, I have a photo collage that I did for you and I would like to email it to you but I could not find an email address for you.

    Thanks again for all of your loving comments on our blog.

    Sharon and Ron

    1. I'm anxious to see it, Sharon. I sent an email but don't know if it reached you. is my email address.

  2. Yes, do post a link when you can. I would definitely like to see that.

  3. Would love to see it when you can post it! I know you are so proud of Mary and her parents.

  4. Those children are so brave and are such examples for us on living life. Looking forward to the link.

  5. There is almost nothing worse than cancer except a child with cancer. My heart goes out to your little Mary with her big smile. Years of treatment is no picnic. I hope she will one day have a totally clean bill of health.


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