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Mar 19, 2012

You Said Swim, Not a Bath!

So, I've been waiting and waiting to go swimming. We got to GVR and the first person I saw was Jewel. 
Hi, Jewel. Someone new to harrass! I like to go through people's legs whether they are standing or sitting--it made Jewel giggle--it scratches my back. Nancy moans and groans because it hurts her back, but my new friend, Jewel just laughed. Why she thought I was only about six years old!
That Blur is Me! I'm glad to see Dr. Orenbuch!
So Dr. Orenbuch and some of the other pretty ladies came to my room to check me out. They think I'm doing very well, and that my exercises and swimming will help me keep young and fit. Now that I'm getting older (still handsome), I need go in to see them every couple of months. Okay, enough of that. I want to go swimming. So, where's the lake?
That's not a lake, Nancy! You fooled me. That's a bathtub! Well, no, it's bigger than a tub--it's a pool!

Getting Ready. I usually skinny dip, but okay. I'll wear your bathing suit.

I'm not so sure about this. I have to back in?

I wanted to get out at first. It wasn't like a lake or stream! Nancy and everyone told me it was okay.

Okay, I'm in! Oh, yeah...that's just the right spot, Doc. I was getting massaged and adjusted while I was in the pool.

Ladies, it's not nice to blame the bubbles on the dog! Sheesh!

Well, this isn't so bad. Kinda relaxing, actually. I could get used to this. Next time I might just run and jump in! My Lizzie would have!

Carson gave me a treat to swim to the end of the pool! This is cool!

All good things must come to an end. More pampering as they dry me off.

I apologize. I had so many pretty ladies paying attention to me that I can't remember all their names. Nancy's no help with her memory. I know, I can go look on their site. Then I'll remember for next time. All I know is that EVERYONE likes dogs at GVR!


  1. Jack, you are an incurable flirt! glad you are doing so well.

  2. Good Job, Jack, you did it! At least that pool is cleaner than a lake so you didn't get muddy at all.

  3. For some reason, the wording under the pictures was almost impossible to read for me. But the pictures told the story really well.

    Jack, I am so proud of you. I don't think my girls would have been near as nice as you were.

  4. Thanks, Sandie,

    Blogger gave us a really hard time, today. I'll see if I can change the print, now.

  5. So happy you are doing so well Jack. Yes you do love the ladies but we love you too. :-)

  6. Oh Jack...I hope you know how much you are loved!

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  9. Everyone does love, Jack, JOJO.

    I love him to death, but
    Sheryl, he takes me for granted. ;-)

  10. Hi hobopals - I wish I could find your email address so that I could send you a much nicer Thank You for all of your wonderful comments that you leave on my blog. You are very inspirational and your words mean so much to us.

    Thanks So Much!

    Sharon - The Princess and The Cowboy

  11. Sharon, it's you and the Cowboy who are inspirational. No need to thank me because it's me who should thank YOU. Just know I'm lurking in the shadows plugging for you and thinking about you. Love your blog.


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