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Mar 29, 2012

iPhone 4S Update

It went dead as a door knob, today. So, I called Apple and they were, as usual, great help. Don't know what I did to knock it out, but if it happens to you hold down the power button on top and the round button on the bottom, simultaneously, for 15 seconds.

Connect the phone to your computer and follow the restore option. It put everything back the way it was. It's important to sync your phone often with your computer (iTunes).

I'm going to guess the cause of the crash. I may have had too many aps open at one time. Just a guess.

Another piece of advice, write your phone's serial number down where you can get to it without your phone. I got mine from the box, but you can get it from iTunes, as well.

For Verizon users, don't forget to do *228 to update your roaming and new towers. I do it at least once a week and have never been anywhere where I couldn't get service.

I'll leave you with a picture or three of my best (lazy) buddy.


  1. Don't have an iPhone but I enjoyed the cute photos of the very lazy Jack!!

  2. No iPhone here either. But I sure do love Jack's pictures. :)

  3. Wrote a long and verbose comment here for you this morning, Donna and JOJO. Must not have been important because I can't remember what I said! LOL

    Thank you for stopping by. Thank goodness my daughter comes by after work, when she can, to walk Jack. I sure wish I could take a picture of him out west, again. Not in the cards, I guess.

    Well, at least Blogger appears to be fixed. Sometimes they exasperate me! Thanks for stopping by our blog.

  4. your 'buddy' is so darn cute!! all his expressions!!!
    going to have to read some of your older posts when I have some time!!!

  5. Well, thank you, Sue and Doug. I hate to brag on him, but Jack really is cute. He is a character. Anyone who knows him loves him. He's just got a quirky personality, and is a wonderful companion. Sometimes, he's almost human. I removed a picture from the wall the other day. Later on in the day, he was whining and carrying on and I went to see what his problem was. There he was looking up at the wall where the picture had been. He's a creature of habit and has OSD--does everything in the same order. He was happy (seemed like he smiled) when I put the picture back. (shrug) :-) Again, thanks for stopping by.


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