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Mar 19, 2012

Jack is Doing Fine

Day Dreaming About Going Swimming
Jack is Jack, again. He's forgotten all about the chaos that took place. Today is his last visit to Physical Therapy, and he gets to swim--his favorite thing, after the doc checks him out.

I'll take pictures and post them. Just so thankful that he is well...he sure can out pace me at this point. Because of my back, I can't walk for long with him, and he always stops at the end of the driveway wanting to go to the nature center, but I can't make it. Susan is away, but she comes back tomorrow so she'll take him.

I try to make it up by walking him quite a few times a day going the other way on the street so he doesn't think he's going where he wants to go. (I think that may only make sense to me. LOL)

He has a lot of friends on our street, but he favors one in particular. He's such a nice man. He waits and watches for Jack, and comes out with a little cookie in his hand. It's the only cookie Jack gets and I don't have the heart to tell him that he can't give it to him. Jack loves men (I really think he remembers Rich), and he makes this man very happy. He doesn't have a dog. We saw him in the car the other day, leaving as we passed his house. Jack knew his car and got all excited so he turned around, I let Jack loose and he went and waited on his stoop for him. He says he doesn't have a dog because he can't bear the heartbreak of losing one. I know how he feels. He tells me Jack is the greatest dog that ever lived, and I love that Jack makes him happy.

Every now and then, Jack will stop suddenly and look in the distance. His ears perk up, he pulls on the leash, and he wags his tail. I know what he sees. It's always a slender man with a baseball cap. I think Jack is seeing a glimpse of Rainbow Bridge and remembering Rich. How they loved one another. Oops...made myself cry.


  1. Made me cry too!!! How kind of you to share your Jack with that nice man. Good for both of them. Glad to hear Jack if doing well.

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  2. Maybe if I proof read, I wouldn't have to delete and try to make my comments coherent.

    Thank you, Donna-you always leave "feel good" comments. Let's see if I can say this without tears. When Jack sees a Black Lab, he goes nuts which is unusual for him-he won't be satisfied until he sniffs enough to be sure it's not his Lizzie. To this day, when I let him out late at night for the last time, he runs to the spot where she used to sleep, as he always did when she was here, and seems confused as to why she is not there. He wouldn't go out without her when she was alive-very touching-dogs really do grieve.


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