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Jun 25, 2011

Words of a Mother Whose Heart is Breaking...

"How do you explain to a 7 year don't look 'funny' without hair? I wish I could do this for her. She has been soo sooo good about everything, but once in a while it really hits her. As she is brushing her teeth and looking in the mirror after a week of not looking in the mirror while she was in the hospital, she's crying because most of her hair is gone and I can't help her."

These are the words of my niece about her little 7 year old. How I wish I could take the disease from her and make it mine. It's just not fair, you know? We ask why? But there's no answer.


  1. I have neighbors who, when the wife went through chemo and lost her hair, shaved their heads so they were all the same. The husband liked it so much, he kept his shaved, and the wife now has a full head of beautiful hair. It's tough, though. Especially when it's a child.

  2. If I could, I'd give her my hair. But each of us have our life's struggles, some when we're young and others when we're old. If only it didn't break my heart so much for the little ones.

  3. Thanks, Me. Her Dad told her that she could shave his full head of hair. She's been so sick this past week that it was put on hold until she had the strength to either do it or watch him do it. She just got back home from a week back in the hospital. Would you believe the hospital charges them $38.00 to park while she has chemo? She hasn't been able to get it for two weeks, now, because her numbers dropped, and her port failed and they had to replace it. Hopefully, the blood transfusions will put her back on track. It's one step at a time.

    Thanks for caring enough to write.

  4. Jim and Sandie, your post just came up. It does break your heart, doesn't it. Thank you. I'd give her my hair, too. I'd give her my life if it would heal her. It's difficult to explain to a 7 year old--she knows she's sick, but most likely doesn't understand why she has to lose her hair, and why the people who are trying to fix the "cold in her blood" are the very same people who are hurting her. My heart breaks for her and her Mom and Dad. It's got to be terrifying to see your child so sick and not be able to help her. She has a little sister whose world has been turned upside down, too. Odd how you feel terrible when you see these children, but when you hear everything involved it's mind blowing. It affects every nook and cranny of their lives. I know my niece, well, though, and if anyone can get through this, it will be Jenny. She's helped Mary deal with everything thus far--just been a particularly bad week. Again, thanks for writing.

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  6. Having a child sick, injured, depressed, or hurting from a broken relationship are times when parents feel most helpless. That's the time when we give them all the love we have, even if they can't recognize it at the time. Trading places with them would be so much easier. I pray this little one will quickly win this battle and be stronger for the experience.


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