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Jul 2, 2011


Today was my eldest son, John's birthday. His sister, Susan, and Lisa, his wife threw a "black 50" birthday party at Susan's house. He really was surprised.
How'd you do that?
Lisa's Mom and Dad and sisters and brother were there. I missed getting a good picture of Martha. But, here's a good one of Lisa and Jim.
Daddy's Little Girl
We have such a good time whenever we get together. Odd, how 50 sounds young at this point in my life!

I was trying to get a good picture of all the granddaughters, together, but that's easier said than done.

Could Just One of You Be Serious?

I kept missing Susan as well--in my defense, son number 2 had my camera part of the time.
Hostess with the Mostest

Jack was wearing this shirt when John and Lisa arrived.

Son, Michael, relaxing.

I didn't get Lisa's sisters and brothers in one shot as I meant to, but I'm hoping someone else did and they will send me a picture to post.

Of course what kind of party would it be without crazy dogs!!!
Bella and her Shadow


Another happy note for the day. I called my sister and Mary was able to receive chemo on Friday, got her spinal, and the 2nd of four shots that go with this course. Jenny wrote the other day that it was the first time she'd seen her laughing and playing with her sister in a long time. So far so good, but on with the business of a cure. My granddaughters wrapped stacked coins for her while they were here last night, and I will take them to the bank and have a check cut for Mary from all of them.

Never Pass Up a Good Piece of Cake-Birthday or Not!

Susan has had a lopsided birdbath in her front yard for two years, now. It's been damaged since she bought the house. It's big, but the ice over the years has taken its toll. I noticed last week, when I tried to move it and couldn't, that one pie shape piece was ready to just fall off. I thought, "Hmmm, when all the guys are at the party, I'll ask them, as they leave, whether they would straighten it for Susan. That will be good for a laugh (never thinking anyone could get hurt!)" Well, we were saying goodbye to Lisa's family (only Michael had escaped early) and I ran back in for my camera to make sure I caught the action, when I heard someone yell, "Oh, my gosh!". I turned around only to find poor Leland who had taken it upon himself to help Susan. Shows you what a nice guy he is--never had to ask him. We all had a good laugh at poor Leland's expense. I couldn't click fast enough to get all of his reaction or expressions, but take my word for it, they were funny! The last two say it all!

Not far from my mind, this day, are thoughts of my Mom. She passed away 16 years ago. I miss her every day of my life. Kisses in the wind. Love you, Mom.


  1. Looks like a really fun surprise. Even the pups had a great time. It doesn't matter how long Mom has been gone - we miss them so much.

  2. Love Jack's shirt! Glad to see that you all had such a good time and that Mary finally had her chemo. Talk with you soon.


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