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May 27, 2011

There's So Much Wrong...

...and Rich isn't here. I dropped Jack off for what I think will be his last tap before his surgery. He cried like a baby when they took him back which only added to the sadness I've been feeling; only some of which I can write about. He doesn't mind our regular vet, but he knows something is up when I bring him to GVS. So, here I sit, waiting for the call that tells me I can come get him. The house seems even emptier without him. I hope that the surgery fixes him 100% so that we can go camping, again. I feel that I'm giving him the very best chance I can. First, he'll be at a specialty center. He's in the care of an excellent internist and has had all the tests to confirm that he is good health other than this condition. Unlike regular vets, he will have a dedicated anesthesiologist for the surgery, and THE most competent surgeon to do his surgery. Now, he will be in their hands, and I can only hope that he comes through the surgery with good results.  
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 Jack and Lizzie
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So "Jack"

We all feel so bad about little Mary. She's suffered more than any of us in her seven short years. Doesn't seem fair. My thoughts are with her all the time, and with Jenny, John, and Judy. It's a helpless feeling not to be able to do anything-I'd trade places with her in a flash if I could. Poor baby.

I find myself wishing and wishing that Rich could be here--I realize how much I relied on him and his strength during difficult or sad times, and how I miss sharing the happy times. I still feel so empty and hollow without him. Perhaps he's fortunate not to know the sadness--I hated him to be sad. Hard time writing, today.