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May 13, 2011

A Sad Time...

Two days ago I learned that my sister's granddaughter has Leukemia. Life changed for their family in a split second. Shock and disbelief, deep sadness, and frustration that they can't rewind and change what they heard, hoping with their very being that the doctors were mistaken when they knew they weren't. I feel so terribly sorry for her Mom (my niece) and her Dad who are suffering every parent's worst nightmare. And, I feel sorry for my sister and brother-in-law who are also devastated.

Fortunately, my sister has always been a very involved grandmother and is able to take care of their other child so they can stay at the hospital while they take the necessary steps to prepare their little one physically and emotionally for chemo therapy and the long and difficult road ahead.

It's such a helpless feeling to be so far away. I can't do the meaningful, hands on type of things, but I'm hoping our family can lend support in other ways from afar. As you read, please keep this precious little 7 year old in your thoughts.

We had good news about Jack. The Dr. from Texas will do the surgery, here, on June 7. I fully expected that he'd have to be tapped, again, today, but he wasn't. Even though he had leaked some more fluid, it wasn't enough to warrant another tap. Our vet wants to see him again next Friday unless some sort of emergency occurs before then. I'm very relieved. Jack has a good quality of life--doesn't even know why he's going to this place where I leave him amongst all the strangers.:( I hate that he looks back all the time they are walking him down the hall away from me. Our vet thinks he has a very good chance for full recovery, and I hope that I can take him out west once more and he can take over the blog, again.

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