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May 5, 2011

New Hope / Anxious Days

I went out to dinner with Martha and Jim Turner, tonight, and as always, had a great time. They are so much fun to be with. Martha asked me to bring the blog book that Jack wrote, so I did. Time passes fast when I'm with them because we laugh a lot. Susan stayed with Jack. She's his sister but he thinks of her more as a girlfriend. She's very good to him. Sometimes she walks him three or four times a day; especially since I hurt my back.

Some days it's not so bad getting up the hill and once we're in the nature center, I enjoy our walk because I can let him go off leash (not supposed to, but no one is there when I go).

A vet at TAMU has agreed to do Jack's surgery. She is the director of cardiothoracic surgery at TAMU, and the best in the country at the surgery that Jack requires (name too long for me to remember).  The odds of success have been 20-40%, but her success rate has been 100%. We don't have a date or specifics, yet, but it's a step further in the right direction, and we're very grateful that we have this option. Fortunately, Jack is feeling fine; loves his walks, gets all excited when he hears Susan's car pull up, and his appetite is great. He surprises our vet and others at the hospital because he is asymptomatic which is very unusual. He's taking a nap on his dining room bed at the moment.

He'll be moving to his other bed shortly, as he always does. Jack has a routine for almost everything.

We have to be at the vet early in the morning so that our vet can check to see if there's enough fluid in his chest to drain. I'm hoping he hasn't filled up, again, but I think I'm pipe dreaming because it's three weeks and that's been about the length of time that he needs it. They have drained over three liters, twice, and over a liter last time all without showing any signs other than that somehow he looks to me huskier. I actually first noticed it after they drained him the first time--he looked smaller (which stands to reason). I'm glad he doesn't know what's coming-they keep him comfortable so I don't think he remembers anything bad happening, but he comes out pretty "drunk". I always get nervous and feel bad about taking him. That's why it was good to see Martha and Jim, tonight; it took my mind off it.

On a lighter subject, John and Michael took the truck and trailer over to the Nascar Race at Darlington, and will be home on Sunday. Today, I think they went to the pit for a while, but mostly camped. They are a comical pair. Michael said, the other night, that Lisa told him that John snores. He asked me if I had anything in the camper for   snoring. The only thing I could think of was the taser.

They had a smooth drive over-I'm not sure who drove when, but they both agreed that they'd never own a diesel truck because it is so noisy. I realized, driving John's little truck, today, that it's nice to have a small, quiet vehicle. However, noise or not, I'm glad I have the big truck pulling the little trailer. Michael sent a couple of pictures over his phone.

John cooked some Bubba burgers and then built a campfire toward evening or should I say  barn fire. At any rate, it appears that they are having fun so I'm happy for them.

Can You Tell Who Was Doing All The Work?
I have decided that I will take the trailer to Texas as it will give Jack a close place to recuperate. I have a friend who lives about 90 miles from the hospital so we'll get to see her at some point. Ellen graciously offered me a hookup that she has in her yard or for us to stay in her house. Such a sweetheart. Just knowing someone is that close makes me a little less nervous. I already know the route I'll be taking. Of course, I'm not as excited about this trip, but I'm hoping that Jack can take over the blog at some point. Maybe he'll even recuperate to the point where we can continue on up into Colorado. That all remains to be seen.

Well, sign off time for tonight. Crossing my fingers about tomorrow. I love my pup with all my heart.

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