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Feb 3, 2018

Just a Catch Up

I sold the truck in 1/2 hour. I had 27 responses to one ad. I told the first caller I'd give him first right of refusal at full price. The second man that called told me he'd give me $500 more sight unseen, money in hand if I would take his offer. Of course I couldn't, I had given my word to the first couple who were very nice people and I'm happy to say they bought it and--they are campers! I feel good that they will pull their camper more safely with the truck.

So the chapter ends. I miss the truck with all it's noise and lack of bells and whistles, but there are advantages to my new car. Getting in and out for one thing. When I'm at a light I wonder if I stalled (never experienced that with my truck.)

As far as new things:
I got a CRV XL

I had a dogless (rainy) weekend last week and I took advantage of it and drove up to wander around south North Carolina. I stayed in Waynesville at a Best Western. It's about 45 miles from Asheville. I can't say enough about this place. Squeaky, squeaky, clean, plush towels and enough of them, quiet, very large screen TV, Cable, Wifi, and a to go gift bag with two bottles of water, cookies and other treats. All for $89.99. Any one wanting to travel to Asheville would save money and stay at a lovely place if they chose this place.

Unfortunately, it was raining Friday and Saturday so I couldn't take many pictures, but I got a few between the raindrops. I decided to return home on Saturday afternoon. Of course, Sunday was bright and sunny.

When I left, my goal was to see Maysville where a good friend and neighbor was raised. She passed away several years ago and talked so much about the farm, etc., and the businesses that her family owned in town. Not knowing where the farm was, I just kind of rode around, but as I said I couldn't take many pictures. I did get the court house.

Guess they didn't have time to take Christmas Decorations down, yet. Again, from the window of the car. :(

I tried a few back roads in the mountains, but came to signs that said, "Pavement Ends". That would not have stopped me in the truck, but it did stop me a in the CRV. I'm not happy about that, but all good things come to an end.

Before my short sabbatical, I had Bogey and Jonah (during Susan's work hours). Quite a challenge. In anticipation of the mayhem that was to be, I emptied out a room and made it the "dog room". I only left an old couch, put the TV in it, and a time out pen for Jonah (has come in most handy). My house is topsy turvey, but that will pass. It has been a challenge. This week Susan has been in Jamaica so I only had Jonah because Michael and Laura took Bogey. Monday, the rubber meets the road, again. I'll have the two of them. I wonder how many times a day I say, "No!"
Tough Life

Bogey Always Happy to Go with Michael.

Michael had Bogey's Portrait done using the picture (below) that he had taken. I thought it was very well done. Sure wish I had done this with Jack and Lizzie.

In Just a Few short Weeks
A "Rare Moment of Brother Love"

The "Dog Room"

I took this today. Not a very good picture, but look at those paws. Lawd help me.


  1. Looks like a car that will fit your needs as well as being comfortable on longer trips.
    The Portrait and pictures of the dogs were all well done catching the mood in their eyes.
    Keep us informed, you may have stopped RVing but you are still part of the family.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. You're so sweet, Rick. Thank you. Ever near Atlanta--you and Kathy have a place to stay. :)

  2. My Internet is lousy. I'll send an email in the morning. Love you.

    1. No problem. Couldn't be on the computer and not see what you were up to. :)

  3. What a nice post Nancy. Great to see you traveling again. The pictures of where you were look so serene. Great shots of those cute dogs. Hope you'll stay in touch now.

    1. Thank you, Sherry. Traveling close to home and in between dog sitting. I keep saying I’m going to put the laptop where I’m more apt to actually get on it! Thanks for stopping by. I’m always happy reading “The Adventures if Sherry and David”!

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