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Jan 4, 2018

Good Bye Big Blue Truck

This marks the "real" end. I can't tell you how many times I've thought, "At least I have the truck. If I get better I could get another trailer. I could take the dogs with me." But, alas, I have to let go of pipe dreams. I'm selling big blue.

It's been a great truck. I feel as though I'm losing a good friend. I thought my son was going to buy it so I just put two brand new batteries ($355) in it and new Bridgestone tires ($1200). As it turns out, he can't take it so it's goodbye. I don't have too much trouble getting in it (habit, I guess), but when my sister visited, she did, and some of my friends have trouble, as well. I'm planning to buy a Honda CRV. I guess I should be excited about a new car, but I'm not, really.

These are not the latest pictures, but it looks pretty much the same other than a few strands of Jack and Lizzie's hair woven into the bottom of the back seats. I bought it with 25K miles, and it will soon turn 120K (mostly highway miles). They say that's a baby for a 2004 Diesel Turbo 6 (whatever that means) 3500 Dodge Ram.

I have always had the oil changed at 3K miles instead of the recommended 7.5K and have the records. Just the last change was 6K because a mechanic said I'd been throwing my money away.

It has an added hitch in the front, a new backup camera, Tonneau hard bed cover (new struts), a bed liner, and Bully Dog. The radio works, but I think it needs a fuse because there's no light. The air conditioning has been completely replaced.

I'd take pictures, today, but it's so COLD out and I need to wash it and vacuum inside. I'd love to see it go to someone who wants to pull a trailer, safely, but imagine it will go (once I advertise it) to a business owner who needs a truck.

I thought I'd post it here before advertising...stalling, I guess. However, on the chance that anyone who reads is in the market or knows someone, I feel better putting it on the blog so someone who has read could have first dibs. 

$14,500 Firm (In case anyone knows someone in Atlanta who needs a good reliable truck)

Happy Memories


  1. It's your comfort that you need to think of. Maybe downsizing to a smaller truck would make it easier for your guest and still be comfortable for you, The CRV will give you better fuel mileage and be easier to get around the city, I just don't know how comfortable it will be for long trips.
    Keep us updated when you can. You're still part of the Blogger Family.
    A Belated Safe, Healthy and Happy New Year.
    Our paths may still cross.

    It's about time.

    1. I decided that this will probably be my last vehicle so I did a lot of research and the CRV EXL came out with the best reviews in the price range I was looking in. I'm never going to tow or haul anything, again, so I went for the comfort and the bells and whistles not available in a 2004 vehicle. That said, I'll still miss the truck. Thanks for including me in your blogger family, Rick.

  2. So hard to let go of our memories and our dreams. I can still get in the truck but I can't park the beast. Hug the pups and let yourself grieve. Make new memories. We love you.

    1. Thanks, Sandie. Gettin' old ain't for sissies! As far as parking, I swear I think they've cut the size of parking spots in half in past years when the size of cars went smaller (brain cramp--can't find the word--oh! compact).
      Love you, too.! Hugs to the pups.

  3. What a gorgeous truck. It makes me so sad for you. I was really hoping you'd get a little casita or something and be able to continue. Not sure I'd be strong enough to let it go. Really nice to see your comment Nancy, thanks so much.

    1. Thanks, Sherry. I had a lot of men oogle over this truck in campgrounds. It probably could pull my house down the street! As far as getting something else--there really isn't much difference in how size would affect me. Fate stepped in. I beat it for a while, but the outlook is bleak so it would be foolish of me not to face reality. I do read when I get on the computer--hard to see on the phone. I just forget to get the computer out. There was a time when my computer was on all the time. How times change!

  4. Sad for you. But are you sure you want a CRV? Wouldn't it maybe be better to get something with a higher tow rating, Justin Case you could get a small camper again some day? (You know, you and I and Justin are so close!)

    1. Yes, it is sad. Janis, you are a lot younger than I am. There aren't many "some days" left for me. It's a conclusion that's difficult to come to, but I've done everything I can. It just isn't meant to be. You are the Justin Case, now. Justin has unfriended me. LOL


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