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Feb 13, 2017

It’s Been an Interesting Day!

After finishing last minute packing and hitching up, Bogey, happily went in his seat belt and up into the truck. It took him about 10 minutes to settle down, but he finally did. He slept until I was about 30 miles away from the campground, and then he wanted out. I managed to get to the park and decided I would get him out to walk him, give him some water and a snack before registering. I always did that with Lizzie and Jack. BUT when I went to put him back in the truck he did not want to go. Things came crashing out as I struggled to get him in. It was as if there was an earthquake inside the truck. Finally, after much struggling I got him in his seat belt and went in. By this time my back was screaming.
The young woman who helped me at the desk couldn’t have been nicer. I discovered that I couldn’t find my phone where I had my registration number, but she already had my name and and I was all set. Now to find my phone. I had no idea whether it was in the truck or out on the ground where I had walked. She, pleasantly, said, “I’ll help you look.” I had gone to get my computer out of the trailer to do “Find My iPhone” and had asked her if I could use their wifi. She said, “Hey, why don’t I just try to call you?” I found it in the truck.

I thanked her and went on to find my site. Bogey was not happy about being in the truck so he was going crazy. I can’t blame him. This is the longest drive he’s been on. I had planned on stopping at rest stops, but they were closed all along 75. I have never seen so many police out—made me wonder whether it had something to do with trying to stop the drug runners and illegal aliens. I was amazed.

Okay, I got to my site. It’s a back in. One of the park hosts was there. It was going to be an easy back in, but with Bogey barking in my ear, it was very distracting. The man was so nice. He said, jump out and I’ll be happy to back it in for you. I got Bogey out and in the trailer went. Bogey was happy. I tied him on a tie out and put his bed out on a tarp along with a bowl of water and he was quiet and comfortable. Sure…after causing all the chaos.
As long as he can see me, he’s fine. I set up, and decided to get him in the trailer to get a cold drink. Set up was fine. He jumped up on the bed—I had covered it with a queen size coverlet to protect my comforter (which I won’t need). Keys, where are my keys. Oh, no. I could think of a thousand places they could be but I was too tired to bother. Fortunately, I have an extra key with me.

I took some medication, ate some crackers, and laid down and went out cold. I figured wherever the keys are, they will be there, tomorrow. At 1:00 a.m., Bogey decided he wanted to go out. He got off the bed and stood by the door. He’s quiet which is a blessing. I took him out, he did his business. We got back in the trailer…keys! He had been laying on them.

I’m still up because something must have bitten me while I was out and I was itchy all over. I took benedryl, but it hasn’t work, yet, so I decided to try to get my mind off it—thus the blog. So that’s the start of my trip. I’ve done this in Blogo. Have no idea whether this will come out.