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Feb 6, 2017

Guess Who is Going to Camp

Brave, huh?
While Michael is his true love, Bogey has spent a lot of time with me because Michael's job requires travel. As time has passed, Michael is traveling more and more. I suggested that we just switch things up. Bogey can live here and Michael can make travel plans without worry and take him when he has the time. It eliminates all the adjusting of everything. Even when not traveling, a day of work for Michael sometimes includes an unexpected but mandatory dinner which extends the length of time away from home. Michael feels terrible that he's alone so much. Weimaraners are known for having separation anxiety so that adds another layer of guilt. When he was only gone for a day or two or a long day, he had a dog walking company (that came highly recommended) come in to walk him and spend time with him three times a day (not inexpensive); only to find out that they were not reliable. Laura had a camera system set up so that they could check on what went on during the day.

He adds a bit more stress when I camp (and more packing), but I think he will enjoy it. I just have to make sure before now and the 12th that I can leave him for a bit in the truck, and I hope he's good walking on a leash (my back). Michael said he falls asleep when on a long ride and claims he doesn't pull. He's so happy to see me even if I go to the mailbox and back. I'm back to making sweet potato treats. Jack liked him and so did Lizzie the short time she knew him.

Michael thinks it would be a good idea to switch, but doesn't want to tie me down--no need if he camps well. It will take stress off his table and mine, knowing that Bogey is not alone for too long. One problem was whether or not I could handle Bogey in the truck--whether he'd take to the seat belt system. That and because he's not used to being on a lead so I was worried that he would break his neck running after a squirrel even if I could get him to a campground. We put our heads together, and Michael is going to get another collar for the electric fence so I can put Bogey on a long lead so he can roam around the campsite and I can set the electric fence up just inside of the circumference of the lead. That way he won't break his neck if he does chase a squirrel. When we are here at the house I have a big yard so when he's here I exercise him with a "Chuck-It so I don't feel badly that I can't walk him far. Michael will walk him by the river on the weekends or whenever he can. I suspect I'll be able to drop the lead on a trail and have him stay with me, but only time will really determine that. He gets along very well with other dogs and people.

So yesterday, I put Jack's seat belt system on him (had to adjust it a bit) and put his bed in the back of the truck, hooked him up and went for a ride. He did great. I learned after one try a couple of years ago that I need to unhook him while I'm still in the truck and lead him in and out by climbing over the console, onto the front seat, and down to floor before jumping out. (It's actually a safer for him because it's a high jump from the truck.) Otherwise he jumps out the door when I open it and he's too heavy for me to hold and try to unhook with tension on the straps. He's a very athletic pup even at seven years.

I'm going camping for a week in south Georgia beginning on the 12th so I'll report back as to how he does. I'll surprise my friends with Bogey!


  1. Oh that sounds perfect for everyone, Nancy! He sure is a handsome those Weim eyes. I hope he turns out to be a great camping buddy!

    1. Thanks, Janis. I'm taking him everywhere I can in the truck to get him ready. I've watched him on and off since he was a pup, so he's very comfortable with me though his heart remains with Michael, and I'm sure it always will. Very unselfish thing for Michael to do out of his love for his dog. Circumstances changed after his divorce.

  2. Sounds like great plan. I bet it all works out just fine for you both. He sure is a beautiful guy. Hope you have a great camping trip.

    1. Thanks, Jo. I think it will. I was just about to write another little post about him. Now, who knows, maybe he and Fred will meet each other although I'd prefer not to take him west with me. If there's no other alternative, and Michael agrees, he may very well come.


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