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Feb 1, 2016

I Will Miss You

Rich's sister, Marilyn, passed away this week. She was the last of his sisters. We actually became closer as widows when her husband Bill died a few years after Rich. Bill had had a brain injury a decade or so before. Marilyn took care of him and dedicated her life to his care so that he could live an enjoyable, happy and productive life in spite of his limitations.

Unfortunately, not long after Bill was gone Marilyn developed her own health issues. Still, we spoke several times a week. Sometimes our calls started out with tears but within a few moments, we were both laughing--getting sillier and sillier. She had a great sense of humor. The past few months she'd been in and out of the hospital and rehabilitation, and finally at home with round the clock care. Her boys did everything within their power to make her comfortable. We had often discussed how we didn't want visitors when and if either of us got sick. I honored that wish as I know she would have for me. I was fortunate that I was able to talk to her for a few moments a week or so ago. I knew she was ready to leave us--she was very weak by that time.

Her four sons are fine young men (much like their Dad)--a tribute to Marilyn and the way she and Bill raised them. When we lived in New York, Rich's territory was the south. Seeing the boys and playing basketball was always a bright spot for him when in Atlanta, away from home.

Funny how it takes a while to realize that we won't see or hear someone, again. I think these pictures show her "impish like" personality. This is how I hope everyone who knew her will remember her. Rest in peace, my friend. I will miss you.
This was taken at Susan's house a few years ago

I Wonder What She was Saying When I took This--look at that grin

Marilyn and Bill