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Jul 30, 2012

The Rescue


  1. Somebody certainly came up with a great idea to help those babies. Mama looked so worried.

  2. Oh my gosh where did you get this?? did you see it? This is just fabulous! Imagine what would have happened to the cubs had those folks not brought a ladder. Restores my faith in humans at least for today. Thanks SO much for posting this????

  3. Those were supposed to be !!! not ??? at the end. Did you see this in person or know the folks who did it? I just loved it!!

  4. No, I didn't see it in person, but it renewed my faith in humanity, too, Sherry and Sandie!

  5. I saw something like this on TV once. I'm so glad these people found them and saved them. Hope
    their mom teaches them better next time. :)


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