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Aug 25, 2011

Jack's Buddy, Comet, is Visiting

I guess there's really no reason to write a blog, but what the heck. I've been reading about my friends out west and it's killing me! Wish I could write about waterfalls and mountains, meadows and forests, rivers, streams, and lakes, not to mention the desert and ocean--oh, how the Pacific and all in between calls to Jack and me. I can only hope--some day.

Comet likes a certain bed in a certain place when he comes to stay so it was ready and waiting for his arrival. Of course, as soon as I put it down Jack got out of his princely beds and into it to make himself comfortable. Comet doesn't like Jack's beds because they are too soft and he's got a bit of arthritis that makes it difficult for him to get out once he's in!

Comet is a very gentle pup (big old teddy bear, really), but if he has his bone or his favorite toy (a chicken) and Jack walks by, he growls. Jack looks at me as if to say, "What's up with him?" That's because Jack's a lover, not a fighter.

Post really for my own satisfaction. Here's a couple of pictures to mark this day.
Comet Enjoying His Bone

"Now, where can I hide MY bone?
Perhaps it's the memory of this little guy, Mac, who took Jack's bone and wouldn't let him have it back! Ya think? We've had a lot of laughs over this picture. Mac is a little guy with a big attitude; actually, he thinks he's bigger than Jack. He was raised with a wonderful German Shepherd named Nic who is running around playing at the Rainbow Bridge.


  1. You knew I would like it. And, your pup of the day is great. (Josefin the Border Collie) Thank you.

  2. I liked your post. If it's about dogs, it can't be a bad thing! Loved the photo of the little dog and the big bone.

  3. Mac doesn't have a big attitude, he has a big personality! That, and he has to let those big guys know who runs the show, and it is definitely him. Nic *sigh* I was thinking of him just today, and looking at GSD rescues. Between he and Shiloh, I'd have another in a heartbeat...

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  5. I stand corrected, Gail, personality he certainly has, but from Jack's POV, it was attitude that day!

    It only took moments for me to fall in love with Nic. Unfortunately, I didn't know Shiloh. I feel your pain.

    Donna, you should see Mac in real life. He is just darling.

    Michael, I know you like the posts about the pups--funny, most people who rv/travel/blog do!

  6. I wish I could write about them things too and I'm actually in the pacific. Thanks for the link answer Hobopals.


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