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Aug 23, 2011

Down for the Count...

If it's not one thing, it's another. My sister, whose granddaughter has Leukemia, found out several weeks ago that her husband has colon cancer. He'll have surgery the end of the month. I'm on hold for a drive to NY until then when they find out what is needed. I don't want to visit, I don't want to be in the way, but if there are children or dogs to sit or whatever is needed I want to be able to be there for them. They've had such hard luck, but are amazing the way they are hanging in there without panic. My sister has always been there for me during hard times.

While Jack gets better by the day, my back gets worse by the day. I hate to go to a doctor, at this point, because I need to be able to drop everything and get to New York once we find out the how long it will be for my brother-in-law's recovery. My sister has a good vet so I'll be okay with Jack, and I can make the drive in two long days.

If all things solve themselves, I'm hoping to make my first camping trip October 1st after Jack gets his clean bill of health, and I'll head to Gulf Shores with my daughter to see a good friend. If my daughter doesn't go, I may just keep heading west maybe stay in the southwest, come home for a bit in the spring and head out with friends to the coast--these are all plans that are floating around in my head--no gelling, as yet, and everything depends upon my back.

Jack makes me laugh. After his walks he lays down by the trailer as if we were camping. Some days I sit out in the driveway so he (we, really) can pretend, but it gets awfully hot. Funny pup. Always keeps me laughing no matter what.

I think, aside from the excellent medical care he has received, keeping him on a very strict no fat diet has aided in his recovery. The only treat he gets are sweet potato slices (sliced with a $20 wonderful mandoline) that I bake at 150-170 degrees for 3-1/2 hours in the convection oven. It really dehydrates them more than bakes them. Sweet potato is a very healthy food and has no fat. He also gets rutin.

Recently, I took care of my son's Weimaraners (I grew up with one way before they were popular in this country). Bella is about 7 years old and has been here many times. Bogey is approaching two and I figured he was civilized enough to visit and have furniture, woodwork, etc., in tact after his visit. Bella is tan; Bogey is blue (a rarer color). He's small compared to Weimaraners I've known. He's got a great personality and runs with wild abandon and does his best to annoy poor Bella who promptly puts him in his place.
Bella and Bogey-think they feel at home?
Bella dozing off. I've seen her fall asleep half off the couch!
While here, I had ribs for dinner. I left for 10 minutes to run to the store and when I got back the garbage was spread from one end of the house to the other. I just assumed it was Bogey. I cleaned up, but in the middle of the night I got up and  Bogey had been sick (or so I thought). I was concerned because the bone fragments were sharp. I was about to take Bogey to the emergency vet when I heard Bella vomiting. Ahhh...the real culprit, as my son confirmed the next day. I watched and waited for her to get sick, again, but she was okay--no more bones.

Jack was a little out of sorts during their visit. He's so used to being the "only" center of attention that I think his nose was a little out of joint. One of my daughter's friends is bringing his golden retriever on Friday for me to watch until Tuesday. He's a big old teddy bear and loves attention, too, so I'm going to have to make "the prince" happy by showering him with even more attention.

I've tried staying in an upright position, but I'm getting tired so I think I'll get back down on the heating pad. Sure wish I had travel to blog about. I have some good friends who are out in Glacier right now and it's KILLING me, but I'm glad they are having such a good time. Their blogs are on my blog list. Saffire and Victory Tour.

I have missed reading all my travel blogs, but will get back to them, tomorrow. So, this is just a "Hi, everyone!"


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your sister's husband. As if she doesn't already have her hands full. Sure hope everything works out for them. And you are a brave women to take on dog sitting. My girls sure don't like it when our son's dog Zoey is around but they are getting used to her. They are so spoiled.

  2. Hi right back at you. I was wondering about you 2. Glad you're back!

  3. Thanks for stoppin by my blog. That's a fine lookin lab you got there. Kinda brings back memories since I used to have labs myself.

  4. Jim and Sandie, I waved to you over at Michael's. Thanks for the good wishes to my sister's family. My house is known as the dog spa. My kids think nothing of offering my services to everyone I know because they know they live the good life, here. ;-) They can go on vaca and not worry.

    Hobo, you're right. I love all dogs, but my labs have been the loves of my life, and Jack is pretty special--if he were a human he'd be a comedian. Thank you for stopping by my blog, too. I have some catching up to do on reading, but it's nice to "meet" you.


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