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Nov 16, 2010

Teresa and "The Girls" at Reed

Shortly before Teresa, Molly, and Jazz arrived, Gail called to say that she, Paul, and Mac weren't going to make it. What a disappointment. Unfortunately, Lady, their motorhome, introduced herself to a low pole lying in wait for the right fender.

Nancy got up early in the morning. She wanted to be up at the office as soon as it opened to get tags for Teresa and Gail and Paul. It was cold, but Nancy went over very early to take a shower because she needed to run into town to get mustard, and she wanted to be back in time for arrivals. Well, I waited on her bed as I always do, and back she came muttering away. Evidently, not only was it cold, the water was ice cold-NO HOT WATER. She braved it and came back in shivering. When she got to the office, she told the lady and she called it in over the walkie talkie and the man said "Roger. I'll get right on it". Too late for Nancy. She got a great spot for Gail and Paul right across the way, and Teresa was right next door to us in a back in site-really almost a buddy site. I couldn't wait until they got here, and kept a watch for them.

We went to the store and got back in time to see Teresa pull in, but by that time, Gail had called to deliver her news.
Teresa pondering why her spare tire is crooked. Molly waiting patiently.
We all really relaxed most of the time while Teresa and the Girls were here, except for our walks. The weather was warm, and the bugs were a pain up until it was time for a campfire at night.

How could I forget? One afternoon, we were all lounging around when Teresa spotted an Eagle. Nancy loves Eagles so she ran to the car for her binoculars and they took turns watching it. There were lots of birds of prey in the park. Nancy and Teresa were wondering whether that was the reason why there were virtually no song birds until one lone, tiny little yellow bird landed on a branch behind their campsites. Teresa has an ap on her iPhone that describes birds and plays the different songs that each bird sings. It literally called some birds toward us. Soon after the little yellow bird came, Teresa spotted a mockingbird. When she played the sound of crows, they started flying in close by. Interesting.
Trail Behind Our Campsites

Look at Molly's Face. You can tell that she's had it with "posing".
Teresa brought shiny silver car sun shields that another friend, Janis, had used at Bandy Creek when they camped there. They worked very nicely. Teresa was nice enough to get two for Gail and Paul, too. All was fairly quiet until a spark flew up and landed on Teresa's chair and Nancy laughed like a fool because it occurred to her that the shields might not be flame retardant! She could just envision a "swoosh"! When she could finally talk and tell Teresa, they both laughed.

I was so happy to see the girls. I would forget myself every now and then with Molly, and try to "herd" her like I used to herd Lizzie. Molly doesn't stand for any nonsense, though, but I'm a lover not a fighter so I backed off quickly. I didn't have trouble remembering not to try it with Jazz because she's a different color than Molly and Lizzie. I love those girls.

Poor Molly was investigating tortoise holes on one of our walks and she got a burr on her foot and on her mouth. She came running over to Teresa as if to say, "Mama, please fix me. I hurt myself." Both the girls know how to speak very quietly to Teresa, and she understands what they are saying. Nancy understand me, too, but I'm not as quiet as they are, but then Nancy isn't as quiet as Teresa. Hmmm. Interesting.
Molly By Golly Miss Molly
Sweet Jazz
After the girls went to bed at night, I stayed out by the fire with Nancy and Teresa. I was cold and wanted to go in, but I didn't want to go in without Nancy so I tried to drive them nuts by whining (I almost succeeded). I tried my best to annoy them. By the second night, I went in and I think I made it for about 20 minutes. Then, the last night, Nancy bundled me up in a blanket by the fire (about time) and I slept until the fire was out and the ladies went in. She should have taken a picture, but oh, no--never when I'm being good.

The girls stayed in their trailer and I stayed in the truck when Teresa and Nancy went to the Catfish House for dinner the first night. Nancy didn't care for what she had, but Teresa said hers was delicious. For lunches and other dinners, they just brought what they had to the table to eat together. One night, however, they made a "gourmet" hotdog dinner. Now, I've been to a lot of the WAC meets and I see other ladies not only make meals for a large group, but they have FLOWERS AND CANDLES as center pieces. When they cooked, everything was organized. These two--OY YI YI! No table cloth. Mass confusion getting the beans and corn out and it was cold anyway upon arrival from our camper AND their center piece was the bag of garbage they were using as they were "preparing" to eat. They thought it was so funny once they realized that it was there and then they got really silly about it--especially when they thought about the fancy tables that the other WACs set. Hard to believe that us pups are the ones that aren't allowed in restaurants! Well, they said it's their style of camping and I think they're actually going to stick to that story.

It was mostly Nancy's fault because when we traveled out west, she did away with anything unnecessary-like the mat to keep dirt out of the trailer. She cleaned the whole place, yesterday, and after the rain last night it didn't take any time at all to drag a beach load of sand in. It poured buckets last night. Fortunately, drying takes place pretty quickly in sandy areas.

I keep looking over for Molly and Jazz, wishing they were still here.  It's been overcast all day, but at least I got to go on another trail that was part of the system that we walked with Molly and Jazz. And, of course, we walked around the campground and several times on the trail behind the campground whenever the rain stopped. We didn't hear any wind last night, but there were some pretty big limbs down across the trails.

Tomorrow we head home. We hate to leave, but all good things come to an end.

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  1. I still laugh when I think back of the 'funny' things we did and didn't do. Thank goodness the seat warmers (car visors) weren't flammable. It sure was funny......after the flying ember was out. We sure can create what I will term,'safe chaos'.


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