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Nov 10, 2010

Reed Bingham State Park / Moultrie-Back to Camping

Nancy and I decided to camp in Reed Bingham so we could camp with our friends, Miss Teresa, Jazz, and Molly. I think it's been over a year since we've seen them so we're really excited. Miss Gail and Mr. Paul are going to meet us here, too, so we are very happy and excited. We are camped in the area we were camped in last time, and hoping that no one gets the spots around us. Two trailers have left since we've been here, so maybe we'll luck out.
Nancy says I'm a Handsome Boy.
The day started out with a great walk early this morning. Nancy didn't take pictures of the trail because she wanted to enjoy the walk, too. It was nice and cool and the birds were singing away and NO bugs! Well, let me rephrase that, the crows were making that noise they make. We haven't seen a buzzard, yet.

When we got back, this guy came walking across the road into our campsite. At first, Nancy thought it was an armadillo because he was moving pretty fast. We thought about naming him, but then we figured-nature's creatures shouldn't have names unless they're tame like me.

We were on our way to get fire wood and to go see the town of Moultrie. Nancy snapped a couple of pictures of the campground before we left.

They are already putting up Christmas decorations. The courthouse was very pretty. Nancy said she thinks Rich was in every courthouse in the state of Georgia when he did all those years of traveling. Many of the Boards of Education are located in the county seat. We walked all around the town. You can see how organized they are by the piles of lights. 

Well, Nancy's not very happy because she's having trouble with the blog. We'll get this over quickly and head out for a walk to cool off (if you know what I mean). We saw many beautiful homes on our walk. This one was turned into a bed and breakfast.

This magnolia tree was on the courthouse grounds. It was magnificent. Can you imagine that it was planted in 1845?

On the way to and from Moultrie we saw cotton fields, ponds, farms that were growing collard greens, and an air boat! We came back through another entrance of the park. Nancy will take more pictures, tomorrow. This bridge was pretty. The last time we were here the whole area was flooded.

While we were out, Nancy left me in the truck with the engine running so that I could keep cool, and ran into the grocery store to pick up some hot dogs. Unlike where we live, she couldn't get cold slaw and potato salad all prepared. We got all the way home and DOH-no mustard, relish, or onion. Tomorrow will be a busy morning. Nancy wants to go over for a shower, then go get the tags for the other two sites, and then run up to the store (about 8 miles) AND walk me (I think that should go first, don't you?)

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