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Aug 28, 2016

Everything You Don't Want to Do When You Travel

The day started off well enough. I was up at 7:30 a.m., which is unusual for me, and on the road by 9. I am generally a night owl (definitely not a morning person) so I found myself drowsy as I was driving. I realized that I had devoured (wanted to say drank or drunk, but don't know which is correct) the last diet coke. Generally, I get decaffeinated everything. I'm not a coffee drinker. So I decided to wait until I needed gas, then run in to get some non-decaffeinated coke. Worked like a charm.

The newest GPS I have gives me the option of putting towns as destinations. I had mapped out a route that paralleled  I40. What I should have done was just marked the last town (I think) because I drove from 9 to 5 and only wound up in Little Rock. Was I going around in circles?

There were some highlights of the day. I crossed the Mississippi on a very small narrow bridge. Was astounded at how extensive and expansive the bread basket of our country really is.

The ride was pleasant, but what I had not counted on was the heat. Whenever I've gone out west, it's been in the spring which meant we could find a place to stop and eat lunch in the motorhome/trailer--relax for a while. When I went in 2010 with Jack, I could find streams and little lakes to give him a break from the car. Plus, my general rule was a day of driving a day off (for him) until we got out west. Then we stayed longer in different areas and explored in the truck.

I started to get a little sad and teary thinking, "I miss Rich. I miss Lizzie. I miss Jack." I had changed from the book to music so I went back to the book. I wondered whether I was running to something or away from something. Memories come with me so neither would work.

I really thought I'd be in Oklahoma, tonight, but it wasn't to be. I'm at a KOA--kind of expensive (twice as much as last time), but it does have a pool. As soon as I pulled in and hooked up water and electric I threw my clothes on headed for the water. It felt so good. It really relaxes my back. I killed two birds with one stone because after that I jumped in the shower and shampooed my hair so I felt very refreshed.

The next hurdle was figuring out how to work the TV though I doubt I'll be watching any. Figured I might was well bite the bullet. Looked through all the stuff from the dealer--no TV manual. I looked on the internet, but I didn't know the answer. I fiddled around and finally got it going. I have lots of DVDs with me so when I want to watch one, I watch it on my computer.

The microwave was next. Got that to work. I have rarely camped in the summer so I have rarely used the air conditioning or the heat. When I have gone to Charleston with Susan, it was in the Jayco and things seemed easier. Since we had full hook ups, I generally used an electric heater and it was just fine and QUIET! The air is on, now--can't hear myself think. It took me a half hour to shut the darn thing off so I could turn on the microwave. I don't know what I did and don't know how to do it, again. Again, no directions. At one point the furnace came on.

Well, that's enough complaining for the day, huh? Went through towns with populations of 123 and 250. My upper back is killing me--tension, I think. Oops, I said I wouldn't complain. I may just stay another day and then get on I40 until I reach New Mexico. I'd love to do this trip, again, in the spring or fall when I can stop at the Wild Life Preserves I passed. I'll decide in the morning.

Judy Was the Baby. Buddy (no.1) was the brother I grew up with.
Sure wish I had a picture. Just one--my little nephew, Chaise, gave me a tiny little flip flop as a present when I left my sister's in New York last May. It can't be an inch long. When I was last up there he was two, I think, and every time he looked at me, he screamed, "I want to go home!" This past time, he warmed up, immediately. When I got home I told him I kept his present on the window over my sink so I would smile and think of him every time I looked at it. Now I send him a picture every day. (small things amuse small minds).
I added this before taking off this morning.

This is my sister, Judy. We had such a good time touring the Amish country in Pennsylvania last may. We were so busy I took very few pictures, I'm afraid to say and didn't blog about it, either.
Sorry. The Devil Made Me Do It.


  1. You sure put in a long day of driving. I think you should stay another day and do another pool time. I find my phone gives me better gps than that $300. GPS. I love the little shoe that is just to cute. Stay safe and enjoy the trip you will get there maybe a little later than sooner but it will be more enjoyable

    1. You are always so positive, Jo. Thanks for the advice. I think it was the operator of the GPS that was at fault.

  2. We all have our time machines.
    Some take us back.
    They're called Memories.
    Some take us forward.
    They're called Dreams.

    Jeremy Irons British Actor 1948

    It's about time.

    1. Rick, I'm going to memorize that and repeat it to myself every day. Thank you so much. You've always been an inspiration.

  3. I love that you're taking the back roads!! But also understand if you hop onto I-40 to make better time! Love the tiny flip-flop!!

    1. I'm not hopping so much, nor are you these days. Thanks for stopping by.

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  5. So glad to hear all is going well. Even despite your technological issues in the trailer, I have no doubt that with your tech savvy mind, you'll have it figured out in no time :) How great that you found a location to stay that also haa a pool. Even though it cost a little more, I think you deserve that small indulgence, especially since you love your pool workouts and feel so good afterwards. A small price to pay along the way for a great benefit.

    Since I didn't know you during your other journeys, it's so nice to read about your travels along the way. I still can't believe all that you accomplish on your own - - very impressive and inspiring!

    Hope today was a good travel day. Laura xo

    P.S. - sorry, I think I deleted my comment by mistake the 1st time

    1. Glad you're reading. I've managed to get into bed and relax. Tomorrow is another day. Love you.

  6. I totally understand how much you miss Jack and Lizzie. I'm not doing so well with memories either. I miss Scooter so much. And it really has been hot this year. That's why we've stayed at parks with electric more than usual so we could run the air. And ours is also noisy. I really hate it but not much choice especially with Skitz. I'm looking forward to fall temperatures. We drive such short days anymore - it takes us a long time to make much progress. But that is a great way to just relax and not stress out too much. Gotta enjoy the journey not just the destination. Love you girl.

    1. Thanks. I know you understand, Sandie. I'm waiting for it to get really cool, and then I'll turn it off and run my little fan. It worked fine that way for me last night. I would have had to have kept it on for Jack, too. Love you, too kiddo.


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