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Aug 10, 2014

Keely is Off to College!

Seems like yesterday she toddled around here...then, poof! Off to college. Here's Dad sending her off to a whole new wonderful world to bloom in. Between, email, text, Skype, selfies, kids today, don't really go away. :)

Dad surprised her by detailing and decorating a car for her to take to college. Of course, there had to be some pink!


  1. That can be such a hard time for parents but I agree, the technology of today makes it a whole lot easier. She is really a gorgeous girl.

  2. You just can't imaging them going off on there own when yes wasn't it just yesterday you held them in the hospital after birth. And now 2 of my grandkids have given me great grands.

    She is so very beautiful and I know you are all so proud of her. I wish her the best days in her future

  3. Thanks Sandie and Jo, I found myself wondering, this morning, what she's doing. I hope she does very well in her studies, yet enjoys the college experience.

  4. I spoke to her this morning. She is one great kid! Or maybe I should be saying "young woman", now.

  5. Kelly looks like my Carrie. Beautiful girls. Sad when they go off to college, not for them, but for us. Where is she going? I see her Dad's shirt, Harvard??


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