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Apr 8, 2014

Amazon Smile Program

I buy a lot from Amazon online because it's become difficult for me to get to the stores. Recently they have come out with a program called Smile . It means that every purchase you make, 0.5% of the proceeds go to the charity of your choice; mine is St. Jude's in Mary's honor.

There is so much research to be done to cure and prevent childhood cancer. Mary is in remission; that doesn't mean the worry is over for her family or for her. It doesn't mean a cure. I contribute as much as I can, but every little bit helps so I was happy to know that Amazon is helping. Aside from research, no child is turned away from St. Jude's for financial reasons. Every child gets treated.

If you think of it the next time you purchase something online from Amazon, will you consider giving through SMILE ?

So that I don't forget, I've bookmarked the site and named it "Smile". I think it's wonderful that a huge corporation funds charities. It shows once more that private industry and individuals can do more than government to help those in need and change things for the better.


  1. I haven't signed up yet but the next time I go into Amazon I will.

    1. Sandie, I keep meaning to tell you and Jim that I take the light weight ramp, now, to help Jack up in the truck. It is a little steeper, but it sure saves my back. I took Jim's advice and bought stick on stair treads and it worked like a charm. He got up without slipping. Eventually, I'll have to use it for "his" couch at home and I can probably put it on a box or bin to get him up high enough to get on the bed in the trailer. Please thank Jim, again, for me.

  2. Thank you, Sandie. You can sign up the next time you purchase. My choice of charity may not be yours--you'll have a choice. I just thought it was something worth passing along.

  3. Thank you for this information I will sigh up the next time I buy something. :)

  4. Thank you this. I will do this each time.


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