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Nov 2, 2013

Ha Ha - Fooled Them

Just an update. Good thing dogs don't worry. I don't have cancer (whatever that is). They could tell after they stuck me with all those big needles. I have a large hematoma (whatever that is) on my spleen (whatever that is) and a benign tumor (whatever that is) on my kidney.

I'm not allowed to go on walks, and I have to be quiet--this time for only three weeks. Remember when I had to be quiet for almost a year? Then, Nancy will take me back to the my doctor to see if the hematoma (whatever that is) went away. If it didn't, she will decide what to do. In the meantime, Nancy is neurotic and checks my gums for color every hour or two. I guess if they change to white or grey, I'm going to my doctor or another doctor in a big hurry so they can take my spleen out (whatever that is).

This is my poor pitiful me look--pretty good, huh?
Thank you to everyone who wrote and called to say they care about me. It really means a lot. Between Nancy and me, it's a pretty boring life. Her doc is trying new meds and she goes for another MRI (whatever that is) next week. Again, thank you to all our friends for thinking of us.


  1. Oh you poor thing. How do you keep quiet? Are you on tranquilizers (whatever that is)?

    Good luck with the MRI, Nancy. Hope it is uneventful.

  2. No Cancer - that's something to cheer about Jack. Now we just need to get rid of all that other stuff. We love you and three weeks is nothing compared to that year. I know that not being able to take walks will really be hard but it's because you are so loved. Give Nancy lots of love for us. We worry about her too.

  3. Oh, poor Jack. You've got that pitiful look down pat. Hang in there!

  4. Oh Jack I am doing my happy dance for you! I know being quiet for so long is difficult, but I know you can manage it with Nancy's help. Tell her I was very happy to see her in the comments section again. I'd been a teeny bit worried about you both.

  5. Well Jack, you fooled them again! You go boy!

    Nancy, praying that your MRI gives you as good a report as Jack's cancer free!

  6. Good boy, Jack. You're doing great. Learning to say all those weird "medical related" terms is hard, and you're slinging them around like a vet. As you say, Nancy will keep a close eye on you, because she loves you so much and worries about you. You take good care of yourself, and her, now, ya hear?

  7. hang in there Jack!! hope you feel better soon!!

  8. Jack ask Nancy to put Animal Planet on the TV. You can watch that and pretend you are outside with all those interesting critters...but no jumping at the TV, hear? You take care boy, we all love you.

    Nancy, good luck with the MRI. Praying all goes well for you.

  9. Jack your a brave ole' guy for sure. We all care deeply for you and Nancy. Nancy I wish you the best of results on the MRI. And your new meds give you some relief.

  10. That's great news, Jack. Here's hoping this treatment and your Mom's great care will have you back in top shape in no time!

  11. Oh joy oh joy oh joy ... so glad I got my Mac fixed and ran over here!!! oh, sniff... good boy, Jack! yay

    Maybe Nancy will warm her hand when checking your gums ... ;)

    another yay!!!


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