For those of you interested Only in TRAVEL, I (Jack) wrote the blog between March 2010 and October 2010 during our travels west. We saw the most beautiful places and had the best time in our big truck and little trailer. See Blog Archive below.

Oct 10, 2010


So, I have the book in its sloppy form. Now is the time to go back through and correct some of the bloopers. I don't have to rush, and I can do it at my leisure. If you're reading about our adventure for the first time, I hope you'll read in reverse order. Neither Nancy nor I know how to reverse the blog.


  1. Let me know when you publish so we can celebrate. I want to be one of the first to read it.

  2. Hi, Barbara. No, it's not published. You just have the company make up the book, pictures and all-there's only one copy, and it's on my coffee table.

    A friend of mine, Patricia, has done her blogs and urged me to do mine. With sketchy internet at times, balancing the computer on the steering wheel outside McDonalds sometimes, and fatigue, I made a lot of mistakes. I'm really reading it for the first time, myself--warts, typos, spelling/grammar errors and all!

  3. I definitely want to know when the final version is finished because I want one!! Night Rider


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